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After the purchase, a permanent download link is created at the 'Downloads' section from which you can download your purchased product. This link will always be available in the future, if you need to download the product again.
The delivery is automatic and instantaneous. It should only take a few seconds
Absolutely not. It is just like installing any other indicator or cBot on your cAlgo/cTrader platform. Before purchasing, make sure to download the free try version to learn how to install them.
Not at all. Updates will always be free for previous customers.
When an indicator or expert advisor is updated, you will receive a notification email. All you need to do is visiting your private download link on the downloads page again, and downloading the update to your computer.
No, you can't. Only .algo files with hidden source code are distributed, for obvious reasons.
We accept credit card, debit card and paypal. We also accept any other payment method upon request
All of our products are available in free try version, this free version will only work on 'Demo Accounts' on the cAlgo/cTrader platforms. We suppose that before purchasing a product you have fully tried it before decding to purchase it, so no refunds will be issued.
Yes, we do! You can download demos of every product. Kindly note that demos only work on 'Demo Accounts' on the cAlgo/cTrader platforms.
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Scyware is a micro-ISV based in France's capital Paris that builds software for traders and solution providers who want to push the limits of automated-trading.

We want to help the auomated-trading development community with innovative tools.

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